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As well as sorting out the logistics for all our in house productions in London the LemonWedge team has worked as

Fixers / P.A.'s / Drivers /Field Co-ordinators for around the UK for many international crews.

WAHLBURGERS LONDON (A&E) : Paul & Mark Wahlberg / Rick Astley

E60 (ESPN) : Jeremy Schaap 

AMERICAN RIPPER (History Channel) : Amarylis Fox / Jeff Mudgett 

WAHLBURGERS SCOTLAND (A&E) : Paul & Mark Wahlberg

THE UNKOWN CHAMPIONS (TV5) 2 eps : Presenter Oliver Morin

KINGDOM HUNTER (Magilla / Travel Channel) : Presenter Ashley Cowie


REV RUNS AROUND THE WORLD (US Travel Channel) :  Presenter Rev Run

DRIVEN BY FOOD (Travel Channel) : Presenter Andrew Zimmern 


THE GETAWAY  (Esquire Network / ZPZ) : Presenter Rashida Jones ft Chris O'Dowd & Dawn O'Porter


A BROAD ABROAD (Yahoo US) : Presenter Paula Froelich ft Jimmy Jagger


THE LAYOVER (Break Point Media) : Presenter Brian Kelly - The Points Guy




This involved contacting venues, collaborators, sourcing interviews, handling release forms, obtaining permits and informing police and councils of filming and behind the scenes stills.


Crewing up on the ground freelancers, drivers, and arranging vehicles, VIP airport transfers, secruity guards, kit and equipment.

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