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Thank you for your interest in joining our fabulous film Academy!

We know your child is going to love getting creative, telling stories and making friends here with us.

It's only £12 a month per child to join (plus booking fee).  That gives our crew members full access to the website with no hidden charges, all our video tutorials and  interaction in our Zoom chats.



We want our Academy to be a space of sharing and involvement in a like minded community where we nurture positive thinking, much needed online, and it will be monitored by our team who are all DBS checked and up to date safeguarding training (we run an after school club in 6 London locations) so not just for the kids who finish their films.

This isn't a competition and we encourage sharing ideas and positivity in our bubble, and we know it's a daunting task completing films so we ask for any elements to be submitted, if the script was ready but got no further, no problem! 

We share and celebrate being creative and using their phones in a proactive way rather than just absorbing the content coming out of it. 


If you only have paper, pencil or pens you can still write scripts or storyboards!

You can use whatever camera you like be it a: 

Phone / GoPro / DSLR

Your imagination is a must!

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