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our quest

To write your own film, and learn how to make it!
Join a new community of 
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1. Make a nice PROFILE so other crew get to know you.

2. If you are joining mid-month we will set you a task!

3. Watch the clips in the VIDEO LIBRARY to help.

4. Plan your film.

5. Film it. 

6. Edit it  (put it all together)

7. Send it to us to put in the cinema to watch.


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1. You can ask us questions in Sydney's Studio.

2. You can message Stu, Ollie, Virge or Cristian directly with Members Chat in the little blue box at the bottom of this page.

3. You can ask Stu or Ollie during the Live Stream chats or ask other crew.

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GREAT NOW watch the video below and LET'S


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