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The music you pick for your edit is extremely important to the style of film you are making, the very first films ever made didn't have voices and movie theatres had people who played pianos as the films played to give emotion and drama to what the audience saw on screen. 

Music written especially  for the film is called a SCORE, and when it's added it becomes the SOUNDTRACK.   Watch Ollie's video to find music that you can use in your films...


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In the edit you can also add the voice of someone that talks to the audience to fill in bits of the story that haven't been filmed as a scene .  This is called NARRATION.

Here's our expert Wendy Lloyd who works as a professional Voice-Over Artist with some top tips on how to get the best out recording narration and how to use it.


This is the page to help you in POST PRODUCTION. Here is our own sound effects library created by our Crew!  

Record your own, upload it and give it a name like "SPACESHIP DOOR OPENING"

If you upload one you will earn a profile badge,

lets see what amazing sounds we can create and capture.

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Sketch Arrow Down
Sketch Arrow Down

Drawing a magic sword

00:00 / 58:18

Created By:

Giant Spiders Scuttling

00:00 / 2:00:32

Created By:

Alien Language

00:00 / 1:26:02

Actually Guinea Pigs

Created By:


00:00 / 1:34:25

Can be used for a spaceship

Created By:


00:00 / 3:14:08

Created using a coin

Created By:


00:00 / 2:39:26

Created by tearing paper

Created By:

Motor Bike or Chainsaw

00:00 / 2:29:20

Created using an electric pencil sharpener

Created By:

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